Start Accommodating employees with breast cancer

Accommodating employees with breast cancer

To achieve this aim, Planetree guides organizations through a structured process that enables and inspires caregivers to transform the health care experience they provide.

Almoosa Specialist Hospital is the first healthcare organization in Saudi Arabia, and the fifth worldwide, to be awarded Silver-level recognition since Planetree first introduced the recognition level in 2012.

What distinguishes Planetree Recognition among other health care quality awards is its distinctive focus on patient-centered care, defined as a model of care delivery in which health care professionals partner with patients and families to identify and satisfy the full range of patient needs and preferences.

The accreditation’s standers cover great deal of the hospital services, which mainly focus on the patients’ safety and quality of provided health care.

“The experience of Almoosa Specialist Hospital shows what can be accomplished when a team of deeply committed, supremely innovative and highly-driven caregivers take the courageous leap to re-define priorities and re-organize systems to put patients first,” shared Susan Frampton, Planetree’s President.

A Planetree affiliate since 2014, the achievement of Silver Recognition by Almoosa Specialist Hospital is a significant milestone in the organization’s culture change journey, evidencing that effective policies, practices, tools, and systems are in place to meet a broad range of patient, family, and professional health care giver needs and preferences.

“I feel overwhelmed by the achievement of our hospital.

The hospital has several partnerships that support literature, and art, sport and health in general.