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"The park lost money every year, but he kept it open because it made people happy." By the 2000s, however, Kogel was in his 80s and unable to oversee the park's daily operations.

Kogel continued to do magic shows for guests -- often levitating naked women or sawing them in half -- but his sleight-of-hand was not what it once was.

"He tried to make a rabbit disappear one time, but he couldn't do it anymore," Hilda Kraemer said. In his will, he named his longtime companion, Keala Dourrieu, the executor of the Gottlieb Kogel Trust, giving her managerial control of Indian Hills.

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When you enter the resort, a Florida RV Campground, you will arrive to warm, friendly smiles and waving palm trees.

The state's other clothing-optional campground, La Pines Ranch in Lacombe, shut down after Hurricane Katrina.

Sandy Bares Nudist Travel Club, in Metairie, arranges occasional nude outings for members, but Indian Hills, the best that anyone can tell, is the only public nudist sanctuary left in Louisiana.

In doing so, they face a more symbolic challenge: saving nudism in Louisiana.

New Orleans lost two of its longtime nudist redoubts in the past year: the Bywater bar and restaurant The Country Club, which ended its clothing-optional policy in October, and the Uptown nudist hotel The Dive Inn, which was sold in August to new owners opposed to a nude clientele.

Out of empathy and respect, the guests clapped and cheered anyway. According to Hilda Kraemer, he also left Dourrieu a sum of money to keeping funding the park.

But without the guiding spirit of its founder, Indian Hills lost direction. But the money Dourrieu had received, instead of going to the park, fell to members of her family -- non-nudists who declined to continue subsidizing a nudist campground.

It was 2008, and Kraemer, a single mother, was living on the north shore. When her birthday arrived in mid-July, she decided to drop by.