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Alturnative dating

If someone likes what they see in your profile, they will ask you questions and try to get to know the rest of you.

Orbuch: How to protect yourself—from your heart to your identity.

There are con artists or just people who might take advantage of someone else on all dating sites. Nonetheless, here are some safety tips and how-to pointers for seniors from Dr.

These romantic relationships provide people with the needed social support, assistance, touch, intimacy and closeness they need as they get older.

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“But as we get older and our physical and psychology wellbeing and health become more important, romantic relationships become more significant because they contribute to better health.

For example, older people with romantic relationships have better immune systems, lower rates of cancer and respiratory diseases, less mental illness and fewer migraines.

Orbuch, the author of five relationship books, including Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great.