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Am i shallow dating

Though these findings highlight a perhaps unflattering component of male psychology, they remain remarkably consistent with both theory and research.

The analyses also revealed that women had significantly higher mating requirements than men, while men upped their mating standards to reach that of women only when primed with the $50 notes in the Large Resources condition.

And, as expected, men valued physical attractiveness more than women, whereas women cared more about creativity and social level.

In particular, their minimum requirement on comeliness for a date was significantly raised.

Indeed, studies show that having resources influences a man's romantic outlook.

Third, and in keeping with prior research on mate preferences, they contended that men would emphasize physical attractiveness, while women would emphasize resources.

To test these predictions, Yong and Li primed participants by exposing them to one of three resource conditions: Small Resources (52 $2 notes), Large Resources (52 $50 notes) or the Control (52 blank strips of paper whose dimensions conformed to money notes).

They also reinforce Parental Investment Theory, which maintains that the relative investment of ancestral females and males in parenting ultimately led to divergent mating preferences between the sexes.