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Aoa hyejeong dating website

Now that she’s even busier with performances, CFs, and acting, Seolhyun probably has even less time to spend on relationships.

In a world of camera phone papparazis, how are K-Pop couples supposed to spend some quality time?

Either way, it makes us feel giddy inside to see the two love birds sitting as close as they can get to each other without sounding up alarms. Just a few hours ago, Dispatch had released photos of Seol Hyun and Zico that allegedly prove their romantic relationship!

Now that the news is out, we’re just happy the pair can now sit side by side confidently next time they get caught at an airport! The article focused on the latest dates between the two iconic idols, driving along the Han Gang and hanging out at Zico’s apartment.

We hope everyone will understand the current situation.” The two officially began dating in March, when the two became each others main source of support and companionship.

Back in August, Seol Hyun was caught by paparazzi running into Zico’s apartment, and at another time his car.

She also featured for its promotion in several music shows by overtaking Gain's part in the song.

It’s unclear when they broke up, but they eventually did due to her busy schedules.

Zico’s label Seven Seasons relayed, “After seeing the news reports and asking Zico for confirmation, he delivered us the news that they met during difficult times in their careers and are close sunbae-hoobaes, currently getting to know each other.” Seolhyun’s label FNC Entertainment also stated, “Seolhyun and Zico relied on each other during their tough times and began developing feelings, and are currently comfortable sunbae-hoobaes…