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Azdgdatinglite v 2 1 6

The link between my laptop and my home system would be secure courtesy Hamachi, and from my home system I can connect to other sites on the Net without fearing nearby wireless packet-grabbers.

Hamachi is a free, secure peer-to-peer VPN (Virtual Private Network) system that (at least as I read it) allows you to connect your PCs or laptops to others over the Internet without worrying about eavesdroppers.

Not all of the pricing made sense: They were selling gorgeous NOS Hammarlund 300 pf log-scale variable caps for $7.95, but beat-to-hell removed-from-equipment military power transformers were marked $30-$40 each. So like most everything else in the world, OEM is a mixed bag, but there's nothing like it in the Springs, and if you need that sort of stuff (and are willing to dig a little for it) I recommend it highly. On reading of my concept for poultry-flavored spiral notebooks, George Ewing sent me a reference to a little-known short essay by Edgar Allen Poe, entitled "Diddling," which is about scams favored by small-time con-men.

("Diddling" meant "scamming" in the 1850s.) I'll quote the pertinent paragraph in full: A neat diddle is this: A friend holds one of the diddler's promises to pay, filled up and signed in due form, upon the ordinary blanks printed in red ink.

The friend produces it from his escritoire, [briefcase] and is in the act of reaching it to the diddler, when up jumps the diddler's dog and devours it forthwith.