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Oiselle is about much more than just running clothes, and this weekend’s “meeting the neighbors” was about that.

Understanding the history and background of an organisation is important in order to appreciate how far the company has come to today.

A distinguished student-athlete, Greco was a four-time ECAC Hockey All-Academic Team honoree.

"She did well in the sessions during the spring and her understanding of the game and adjustment to the speed of play was evident," Coach Clarke said.

The Jesse Thomas name drops helped, too (he grew up in Bend and is apparently a bit of a local legend) Plus there were a lot of grateful parents who got to skip the cotton candy line and hungry guys in the dugouts - maybe that’s where all their hits came from?? Stuff The same way that a salad someone else makes for you tastes exponentially better than one you make at home, a tshirt (regardless of size, shape, color, etc) wrapped into a ball and chucked at you while you waive your arms and almost fall into your nachos is way cooler than one you buy off a boring ol’ rack.