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Juncker said last week it would be wrong to put pressure on Poland by cutting funds, though some EU states including Italy have openly called for this.

But Morawiecki, a former banker who took the reins of the conservative government in Warsaw last month, showed no sign of scrapping the judicial overhaul that critics, including Brussels, say weaken judicial independence and the rule of law.

"I genuinely believe that with added effort to explain our intentions we will be able to clarify misunderstandings," Morawiecki told reporters in Warsaw on Wednesday on his return from Brussels.

Both Crimea's pro-Russian authorities as well as Kiev claim ownership of the exhibition, titled "Crimea - Gold and secrets of the Black Sea", which features golden artefacts and precious gems dating back to the fourth century BC.

The show is operated by the University of Amsterdam and spokesman Yasha Lange said a legal investigation was going on to determine to whom the collection should be returned after it closes at the end of August."The exhibition should return to Crimea," said Valentina Mordvintseva, who works for Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences in Crimea's provincial capital of Simferopol and who helped Amsterdam's Allard Pierson Museum set up the exhibit."So it has become a political issue," she told Reuters.

"If the things end up held in Kiev, I think it would be bad for Ukraine itself because it would look like vengeance."She was referring to a March 16 referendum in Crimea, an impoverished region of two million with a narrow ethnic Russian majority, which yielded an overwhelming victory for those advocating a split from Ukraine to join Russia.

Kiev and the West dismissed the hastily arranged vote as a sham but Moscow used it to justify formally incorporating Crimea on March 21.

Or otherwise the restoration of the rule of law could be seen as a possible way of getting more resources." The remarks, which seemed to contradict an earlier statement from his boss, Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, suggest Poland could also be rewarded for compliance with EU recommendations.