Start Battlefield 2 rank not updating

Battlefield 2 rank not updating

Yep, I am not playing until this is either resolved or a public statement is made. cking game companies, they think we are all their bitches and they can treat us like sh! Well Like I said I lost about 20 hours of play and points as I thought it was just slow at updating, so I carried on playing, only to find this out and this hasn't even been made official yet, it only something I found out a few hours ago, but was told it's definatly a Gamespy issue with the random servers who are having problems not recording stats.

Doesn't make me a stats whore just because I want to achieve the in game goals.

Well, I have the same problem, I played yesterday I don't know how much points I got but the are not few, however the last Battle shows up on the 16th, from other forms as well it seams that the problem starts on the 17th.

Please use the registration form, to register here or read more information about the registration process. Well for the last 3 days I have played around 20 hours to try and get my final rank, but for some reason I have not been getting my stats updated, So I have e-mailed EA and phoned them and got standard reply "nothing we can do", so I went to the source, RACKAGE to see if it was something to do with there servers not sending the stats records to the main monitor.

He said that my server was fine, but to be sure gave me a new server to try, so I went on that for a couple of hours with a couple of accounts and so did my mate and guess what "no stats updating......

anything that has not been updated will have been lost, EA have confirmed that, so all the work over last 3 days on BF2 will be lost.


I'm desperate to get my vehicle badges and some more command hours, so after playing 7 straight hours, earning easily 1000 points, (and with a great K/D ratio) I was furious to see nothing had turned up on my profile.

It almost, ALMOST puts me off even bothering to play anymore, and I'm only just back from a 3 month break because I was sick of the connection problems that were rife back in February. At this point it is GD obvious that there is a MASSIVE problem. the first time i noticed stats not updateing was when i played highway tampa (15th) then yesterday i logged in a played for a couple hours and it game me something like 40 points and said i played for 15 minutes. I hope to see a class action law suit based on something like this someday holding ea/game company responsible to either make up for the points lost or get slapped for a $ per hr lost our time is of value, i would never have spent 14 hrs straight playing fri night if i had known.

even though I AM PLAYING IN RANKED SERVERS)So, I log into my old BF2 account: Fromalk_jr and I start playing a few hours, but it still says (for example) my last battle was on 2008-09-14 How can I fix this? Stats don't always update immediately and you just have to be patient. You've got the 'ranked' box checked when you search for servers? Thanks for the response (: I've been waiting for about 2-3days now and it still didn't update? It used to update pretty quick (in 2007-2008, when I still played this game more often )I don't got that box checked, but i only join servers with the ranked symbol:[img] assume that those are ranked servers because of the symbol net to the "red 2" and before the headphones?

Note that that is not a picture taken by me, I can't log in on battlefield 2 because I'm "studying" ummmm errrrr..... The 'aimbot' is sorta a giveaway that someone seems to believe you hacked your account.

So BEWARE your stats will probebly not be getting recorded, I will post an update when I recieve one from my provider RACKAGE........