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They are waiting on the results of an autopsy to officially identify the body as Loofe.

In the video, Boswell covers her head with a hooded sweatshirt and wears large-rimmed sunglasses.

The video only ever showed Trail's eyes (far left).

Boswell obscured her face by wearing a hooded sweatshirt and large-rimmed sunglasses The video ends with the two saying they hope Loofe is found soon while expressing their contempt for investigators 'As far as the police department, f*** you,' Trail said.

When the date was over, she says she went to take Loofe home, but she asked to be dropped off at a friend's house. She added that she 'didn't have anything to do with' her disappearance.

At the Tuesday morning press conference, investigators said they haven't been able to confirm any of the claims made in the social media video.

'It’s with heavy hearts that we share this most recent update with you all... Wilber was also the last place where Loofe's cellphone pinged.

At a Tuesday morning press conference, law enforcement officials said Loofe's digital footprint led them to a body, in a rural area of Clay County.

On the 15th, she says she brought her back to her home in Wilber where they smoked marijuana wax and shatter - concentrated forms of the drug.