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Brandon flowers dating

She gave me a Book of Mormon that Brandon’s dad meant to give to someone else, so it had his testimony in it, which was interesting to read.

” So he gave me the opportunity to find the answer for myself, which led me to take another risk. So basically, to handle my anxiety, I ask questions and I just get led around and I try to listen. For instance, Ammon made a present today and it has Brandon’s picture on it, and Henry sometimes freaks out and wants his dad. I think everybody has those challenges with jobs and other demands. And I’ve been doing it for so long—being away from him — so it’s not really that big of a deal anymore.

Ammon has a really hard time—he’s anxious too—so he had a hard time at school when it started. I’ll bring up Brandon’s absence myself to the kids and say, “I miss Daddy right now.” So I just try to let them know it’s okay to feel what they feel and to say it. My personality does well with some time apart from my husband. I don’t have a Facebook account; my husband and I are adamant about no Facebook.

I’m so thankful to be a convert because the emotions I get from the Book of Mormon and the experiences I have are so new.

I just feel weird being so blessed to be at a point in my life where I can finally feel peace and feel calm and not have such chaos around me. I always fall back on asking for answers in my prayers.

I never feel preoccupied about what he is or is not doing. When I was little, I had experiences growing up when I was really, really frightened and I remember feeling comforted, like I was going to be okay. Now when I think about it, I can’t believe I wasn’t more terrified of these things. All along I’ve had help and I’ve had Heavenly Father’s love with me.

I remember just being little and feeling that peace and the calmness. That feeling that I was going to be okay and I wasn’t going to be hurt is a testimony to me that when you need it, Heavenly Father will speak to you.

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