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While the Meltdown vulnerability was patched earlier this week in a feature known as KTPI patch, the Spectre vulnerability remains unpatched.

This is due to many systems (such as IOT, custom or legacy systems) not having the ability to be patched due to the difficulties involved in patching hardware, as well as other reasons (such as incompatibility with other parts of the system).

For this reason, it is important that systems are kept protected by another layer of defense.

As the side effects exhibited by this variant of attack from our detection point of view is similar, we will not discuss this variant in further detail.

Using side-channel attacks, these vulnerabilities allow an attacker to break the security that lies at the core of a large chunk of today’s computer systems.

The patch for Meltdown addressed the problem at the level of the operating system, and only against known attacks.

This means that the patch does not address the problem at its core.

When carefully employed, the Meltdown vulnerability allows an attacker to disclose sensitive kernel memory, which was assumed to be protected from access at the hardware level.