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Chantilly opens with lemon, neroli and orange blossoms, like catching whiffs of orange groves but with a thinner more aldehydic air, definitely an old fashioned aldehyde opening similar to Chanel No. Still, even with these flowers in the heart, the orange blossom at the top reigns supreme. They could fit into the same family, prob only because they are both vintage?

(It sat there just above her gigantic Jean Naté splash, which she did use, and amid some Avon minis she likewise never touched.) Chantilly was a pampering but mature-feeling scent for me, all orange-citrus powder and light incense, and I adored the name and its lacy connotation. This was almost the same feeling I got from L'air Du Temps except for me L'air is far more approachable and soft, whereas Chantilly has a more commanding presence, a greater dignity, almost a regal appearance, like a queen with a long veil.

I was also horribly allergic to it, so despite its nostalgic appeal I don't need to hunt it down on ebay or elsewhere. There are no aldehydes in the opening to Chantilly but it goes into a very citrusy direction with lots of heady orange blossoms, bergamot orange juice, lemon, lime and citrus notes galore in the vein of Shalimar or Emeraude.

Chantilly by Houbigant is a Oriental fragrance for women. Chantilly classic French perfume of exquisite taste.

Top notes are fruity notes, neroli, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are spices, carnation, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose and orange blossom; base notes are leather, tonka bean, musk, benzoin, oakmoss, vanilla and sandalwood.

These lovely flowers are not at all heavy but rather subdued and soapy like Ivory soap, but also powdery like dusting powder in a porcelain container.

The flowers bring the sweet and delicate feminine touch of familiar scents: talcum powder for the face, a boudoir setting, a dresser table with lace cloth, candlesticks, and little silver framed mirrors.

It has a unique and very beautiful aromatic quality that stands out. I want to wear these for fun, for comfort, on a lazy day. The vintage cologne is actually deeper and less sweet, and I DO ENJOY the vintage leather/moss. One for my mother and one for myself we spoil each other with fragrances.