Start Capitulos de violetta 3 temporada online dating

Capitulos de violetta 3 temporada online dating

Her parents are very different, causing her to act different around them. Despite this, she enjoys going to Jam & Roller after school, but is too afraid to skate.

Nina's confidence shows signs of increasing, although she is still afraid.

To fight Fab and Chic, Nina starts an anonymous account under the name of Felicity For Now and posts inspirational messages which she is afraid to say out loud.

After learning how to skate, Nina becomes a part of Luna's team for the Intercontinental Skating Competition.

However, in an attempt to sabotage Luna, Ámbar, Jazmín and, Delfina, put soap on the ground to make Nina fall. Luckily, Luna and Nina managed to convince Nico to take her place.

However, Luna falls into view and Nina ends the date in a panic.

Nina tries to tell Gastón that she is Felicity, but without success. At Ámbar's party, Nina posts a photo in Luna's room and Gastón goes upstairs to find her.

As of Season 1/Episode 50, Nina knows that Gastón is Roller Track, and Gastón finds out that Nina is Felicity For Now in Season 1/Episode 75.

They then kiss for the first time in Season 1/Episode 80.

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Xavi is a Brazilian boy who Nina met in the park while taking pictures. They quickly starts talking about the relationship between photography and drawing, and he is impressed by her eloquent tone of speech.