Start Carbon dating disprove bible

Carbon dating disprove bible

In order to go with this theory you have to show where everything came in to being.

Their work drew from not only the Bible, but an Egyptian stele and complex calculations describing the movements of heavenly bodies.

The new insights provide both a better timeframe for the Egyptian pharaonic dynasties and more precise measurements of changes in the Earth’s rotational speed.

The gravitational pull the moon exerts on the Earth is slowly leaching our planet of rotational momentum, mostly from the sloshing of the tides.

Atomic clocks have shown that we’ve added about 1.7 milliseconds to the day over the course of the past century, a rate that’s held fairly steady recently.

The only way to know for sure is to get an answer from an authority that was there. Hmmm, okay, would someone who has had a dinosaur skeleton or any other fossil tell it how old it truly is please stand up? Evolutionists believe that from a cell in the ocean, over time, it adapted and grew into a fishlike creature.

Certainly if it is being taught in school, and well known scientists say it is, it MUST be right? This ought to be the first flag for you, the "experts" can't even agree.

We won’t see a 25-hour day for another 140 million years or so.

The rate of slowdown varies based on things like the movement of the Earth’s crust and the climate, and the 1.7 millisecond figure is just an average.

The circumstantial evidence was enough for the researchers to conclude that the Bible does indeed contain the first known description of a solar eclipse.

Other, earlier eclipses, may have been recorded as well, but this is furthest back that we’ve ever been able to actually confirm that what ancient scholars were describing happened. The discovery helps researchers better pin down the rate at which Earth’s rotation has been slowing down over time, something crucial for accurately predicting eclipses.

Keep in mind that they are talking about something that according to them happened hundreds of billions of years ago. When you get down to it, science has no real absolute truths for any of these questions NOR the theories that they present as facts. Evolution and the big-bang theory have all changed from their original form based on findings that show the original theories were incorrect. People have come up with their own theories as to how the world was created saying the Bible leaves some of it out.