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Before making the switch, the bar appointed a study committee and went through a rigorous evaluation process.

Fastcase got credit for something they weren’t even doing.” Casemaker continued to work on improving the digest product and was finally ready to roll out the improved version when the bar announced its return to Fastcase.

Key among the reasons was that the bar concluded that Casemaker has a superior citator.

Whereas Casemaker has a comprehensive and integrated citator on a par with Shepard’s or Key Cite, Corbett asserted, Fastcase has only an automated tool that is not a real citator.

Before it was done making those adjustments and before the service was ready, the bar released the service to its members.

As a result, Corbett said, it did not work well and caused a lot of frustration among the members who were using the digest service.

Although I had reached out to Casemaker for comment, I did not hear back from the company until after I published that post. But I would sum up our conversation by saying that Casemaker made two overarching points with regard to Minnesota’s decision: Let me expand on each of those points.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to discuss the Minnesota situation with David Harriman, Casemaker’s CEO; Jim Corbett, director of business development; and Linda Franklin, director of client relations. A Rigorous Evaluation Process Corbett started off by saying that there were compelling reasons why the Minnesota bar made the switch last June from Fastcase to Casemaker.

In other states, Casemaker offers basic and advanced legal research at a cost every attorney can afford.