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Catholicism and inter racial dating

In its efforts to subsume the influence of the rival Hungarian nobility, the Germans encouraged the settlement of non-Hungarian minourities in the Hungarian half of the empire.

Lastly, the Habsburgs encouraged immigration into the northern portions of modern Yugoslavia (especially the Banat and Serbian Vojvodina) as a means of militia defence against feared Ottoman aggression in the southerly fortifications known as the Military Frontier (Militärgrenze).

After the defeat of Hungarian king Lajós at the Battle of Mohács by the invading Ottoman Muslim legions in 1526, the Habsburgs incorporated the lands of the Hungarian Crown that were yet unconquered by the Muslims, including the northern portions of Hungary and its subordinate territories of Croatia-Slavonia and Bohemia.

By the Treaty of Passarowitz in 1718, the once-respledent Ottoman Empire was crushed by the Habsburgs and sent tumbling towards its gradual collapse.

The Habsburgs rapidly grew to incorporate all of Hungary, Croatia, Transylvania (today northwest Romania), and the northern portions of Ottoman Serbia called the Vojvodina and Banat that today straddle Hungary, Romania, and Serbia.