Start Charles dianna dating history

Charles dianna dating history

When asked if they were marrying for love, Diana replied, "Of course." "Whatever love means," added the prince. Officiants of the traditional Church of England service wedding included the Archbishop of Canterbury and 25 other clerics. Another 750 million people watched the ceremony worldwide.

She was the president of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and remains close to Prince William and Prince Harry.

Lady Jane was tipped by many as a future Queen when she dated Prince Charles from 1973 until 1974.

Before their divorce, however, their troubled relationship was the subject of plenty of tabloid speculation. 24, 1981, Diana and Charles announced they were engaged after meeting four years earlier while Charles dated Diana's older sister, Lady Sarah Mc Corquodale.

It seemed that their union was off to a shaky start from the get-go.

When probed, Lady Jane once snapped: Do you honestly believe I want to be Queen?

” Lady Jane went on to date chef Lloyd Grossman and broadcaster Melvyn Bragg, but never married.

Diana was well received at Balmoral by the Queen, Prince Philip, and the Queen Mother. Six months later, in February 1981, the prince proposed and Diana accepted.

Personal accounts would say she was genuinely and desperately in love with the prince.

Their engagement became official on the February 24, 1981, after Diana selected a large 30,000 ring from a platter.

The couple then faced the press to announce their engagement. Diana was the first British citizen to marry an heir to the British throne in 300 years. Two million spectators lined the procession from Clarence House.

The relationship was short-lived, and when the Prince showed an interest in her younger sister Lady Sarah gave her blessing.