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Umm-Yeah I attempted to see if any profiles were even real!

We’ve lost count of the number of e Harmony success couples who’ve told us that on first meeting their match they didn’t think they were suited, and needed a few dates to really feel comfortable.

First dates can be stressful, and often people don’t come across as themselves – they may be nervous or awkward, not giving the best impression.

I'd What's more, the people in the ads come off as insecure, damaged goods. Especially not that woman wearing a mini-vest over a scoop-neck top.

But at you can come as you are." The dating Web site e Harmony has a heteros-only policy, and lately it's been catching a lot of flak for that. e-mails: "As a gay man, I am outraged at e Harmony's refusal to allow guys who like guys or girls who like girls to post ads on their site.

A gay California woman filed a lawsuit last month accusing e Harmony of discrimination. Neil Clark Warren, is an evangelical Christian, and his background includes close ties to the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. I recently was watching NBC during a sporting event on a Saturday afternoon and saw the ad for

It stopped me dead in my tracks and made me so happy that I laughed out loud." : 1) He says e Harmony's partner-matching algorithms have been derived through studying successful straight marriages.

Im not going to say what most people do and go on about how great Chemistry is.