Start Choreographed dance routines online dating

Choreographed dance routines online dating

But what can you do to make—and keep—your work your own?

What to Watch For You may be observing a group during competition or browsing around on You Tube, when you spot some moves that make you think, “Hey! Julia Haye, an attorney in entertainment law and partner at Greenberg Glusker in Los Angeles, says the main question is how “substantially similar” a sequence of dance moves in one piece is to that in another dance.

Social-dance steps and simple routines, she notes, are not copyrightable, and many dancemakers may be surprised to learn that music does not matter, only the composition and arrangement of movement.

Here's another owner with a successful transition story.

For example, everyone might be doing à la seconde turns into leaps, but are they then rolling out of that and into the same stylistic moves?

“The technical moves themselves are like words for an author,” she says, and therefore are available for anyone to use.

That means it would be tough to argue someone stole a jump or turn from you, because they are single moves.

Give them a watch and prepare to laugh 'til you cry!