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Ckln online dating

But it isn’t enough just to adapt to current technology.

The station's former signal now belongs to Indie 88 Toronto.

“With broadcasting you really are talking to everyone.

What tends to happen with podcasting and the net in general is you join satellite communities that reflect our niche interests and niche opinions, and you are preaching to the choir…

For 94.9 CHRW, Western University’s 35-year-old campus station, it is a sigh of relief not to have to answer that question… While CHRW recently managed to avoid a campus-wide vote over its budget, its future hangs in the balance.

If the station cannot prove to the University Student Council that it can cut its reliance on mandatory student fees by at least 25% and get students more involved by next January, a referendum might be held determining whether or not they will continue to receive student funding.

of the internet, as the barrier to entry for podcasts is little more than a microphone.

The competition between internet-streaming and podcasts cannot be avoided, but, as demonstrated by the University of Toronto’s campus station, CIUT, it can be worked into the fold.

It’s really intense." Ryerson University's campus radio station has been off broadcast frequency for five years since the former CKLN imploded, but today it goes live on the AM dial as CJRU 1280 AM.