Start Cooler master k281 online dating

Cooler master k281 online dating

The cabinet have a simplistic design and good build quality with good space for cable management.

It has slightly lower price compared to the the cooler master K281 PLUS.

It has a large tray cut-out for easy CPU cooler installation if you plan to add an aftermarket processor cooler.

The Dimension for the cabinet are – 219 x 416 x 487 mm.

The cabinet is long and has a higher width compared to the cooler master 311 tough the height is lower.

The Antek ASK- 4000 B weighs 5 KG , with three 5.25 inch Bays for HDD or SSD, one 120 mm FAN Rear It has 2 Front USB 3 and 2 USB 2 ports.

Power supply can be placed at the bottom of the Cabinet.

The inside of the cabinet is silver and not painted black and looks more like cost saving measure.

The cabinet is best suited for PC builds around 40k to 55k.

It does not come with an SMPS, you will have to buy a separate SMPS along with the Cabinet.

The Headphone and Mic ports are available, cooling fans are not included you will have to buy the cooling fans separately.

Today we are doing a round-up of some of the Best Cabinets you can buy in India for your gaming PC. The list below is based on best design and reliability and what I think will be a best value for money cabinets for Gamers looking to build their Gaming Rigs in 2015.