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Csu chico speed dating

Well, can you imagine a physical and intellectual maker space where new ideas come to life, and innovative categories emerge? There's no question - we at the College of Business are intent on making the most of every resource we have as we look toward the future, and prepare students to do exactly the same.

He was also an unofficial spokesperson for the hundreds of migrant farm workers who passed through Corning as they picked olives.

It was his activism that inspired Debra to become an advocate and community organizer. She is married to Raymond Laager who is president of a local business group and underwriting director for a local radio station.

The whirlwind at the college continued Thursday as BIS student clubs hosted business partners and students for two key events.

She's learned how to achieve a working consensus on goals and priorities and how to fund them.

We need more collaboration to serve the people of Butte County in an effective and fiscally responsible way.

Debra is passionate about community and making Butte County a place where we feel safe, inclusive, opportunities abound, and our farm land is protected.

She has long worked with college-age adults, developing specialized internship programs in public relations, marketing, video and television production, as well as event and festival production.