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Danske dating sites Ringkøbing-Skjern

He supposedly died from a pneumonia which he caught in that very cold water.

It is advisable always to carry this card with you as it is required whenever you need to see a doctor, a dentist or go to hospital – or when you want to take out books from the library.

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There are many details and procedures to find out about when moving to a new country.

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You can collect the key for the ropewalk at the Skjern Å Museum, which features an exhibition about angling in the river Skjern Å; showing old fishing gear, among others, some that were made in the Skjern Å area, but also posh fishing gear which tourists from Copenhagen brought here.

The river Skjern Å and the famous Skjern Å salmon – a very special breed of salmon – is known many places and anglers travel to Skjern Å in great numbers to try and catch one of these enormous salmon.

Skjern Windmill is another main attraction; this is an old, Dutch, wooden mill which is today used for art exhibitions.