Start Dating a man in the army

Dating a man in the army

He knew that he hit it well because the metal bat made a metallic binging noise.

The first two kids were horrible and only managed to hit a few weak grounders fair. Danny took the first three pitches even though they were strikes.

They sighed and watched as the coach made marks on a clipboard. "Andy Johnson sir." The big soft spoken kid grinned. "I took a high hard one in my face last year," Andy grinned. Since his ten only counted when he touched the ball with the bat he wanted to make sure he made good contact.

The force of the ball knocked his head back as his body fell straight backwards. He was the first to get to him and was relieved when he saw him breathing. The paramedics came and put on a neck collar before taking him away in an ambulance. "It was an accident sir," Jimmy said looking down at the floor. "The coach is thinking about kicking me off the team." "WHAT? " "Yeah but he's right I could have killed him," Jimmy said feeling tears forming. "That kid was a showoff." Corey put his arm around Jimmy and walked him to his car. "I was hit on the helmet with a baseball and I feel fine." He didn't want to tell her about his elbow which hurt like hell. "Yes, my daughter Ellen is actually dating one of the baseball players." Danny overheard him. "Let's check out the elbow." It was almost two hours later when Danny left the hospital. I really need to get back to tryouts." Coach laughed.

He felt the pain on his left elbow when he hit the ground. "Bull shit, I saw you wink at Todd." "I didn't mean to hit him in the head... You're off the team." "But coach, I won ten games last year. "I'll speak to the coach." "Thanks," Jimmy said softly. A few minutes later as Danny told her what happened, a doctor walked in. The coach was in the waiting area for him as the doctor walked him out. "I don't think you will be playing any baseball soon.

"Let's see how you field," Coach Wright yelled to Danny who was standing behind Todd at second base. Danny took his defensive position and saw the ball flying towards the hole between shortstop and second.

Coach Matt Wright knew the ball would make it through because even his star second baseman Todd couldn't get to this one.

If you want a lot of sex, do not read this chapter. It was bothering him a lot because he had always been the star shortstop for his Little League, Army Base League and his last high school team.

The shortstop and captain on the Panthers was Corey Storm who led the team in hits last year as a junior and the second basement was senior Todd Jenkins an honorable mention All-State player last year.

All eyes were on Danny as he took two quick steps and flew horizonally in the air towards the ball.

The ball caromed off the tip of his glove and then out into right field. He moved up again onto his knees and brushed off the dirt. "My dad was in the Army." Danny moved back and the coach hit him some slower ones that he made easily.

He wanted to see the range of the new kid and decided to make it impossible for him to catch.