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Dating a non jewish girl

I remember as if it were yesterday how I discovered that Jews were the smartest people in the world.

Furnaces, in particular, demanded frequent tending during Brooklyn's many freezing winters.

I shudder remembering brutally cold winds blowing off the East River.

The worth of a strong work ethic and of purposeful dedication was manifest.

Soon we began learning a little Italian, a few Greek and Polish words, lots of Yiddish and some heavily accented English.

Mind, none of this was the result of any sort of formal instruction; my yeshiva had been the neighborhood.

I learned these things, absorbed them actually says it better, by association and role modeling, by pursuing curious inquiry, and by what educators called "incidental learning" in the crucible that was pre-World War II Williamsburg.

My mother had sent me with a dime to buy a pair of black socks for my father. Rosenthal stood inside the locked door, arms folded, glaring at me through the thick glass while a heavy snow and darkness began to fall on a Friday evening. Rosenthal had said, shaking his head, "can't you see that Shabbos is falling? Go home." I could feel the cold wetness covering my head and thought that Shabbos was the Jewish word for snow.