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Dating coca cola bottle caps

Its low density makes cork useful in products like life preservers and buoys.

Cork is composed of dead cells that accumulate on the outer surface of the cork oak tree.

Because of its honeycomb-like structure, cork consists largely of empty space; its density (weight per unit volume) is one-fourth that of water.

For hundreds of years, Mediterranean cottages have been built with cork roofs and floors to keep out summer heat and winter cold—and to provide a soft walking surface.

Among the more popular are a chlorinated lime bath followed by a neutralizing bath of oxalic acid, a hypochlorite bath neutralized by sodium oxalate, and a peroxide bath neutralized with citric acid.

In addition to being flexible, cork is highly resilient.

After being crushed under a pressure of 14,000 lbs/in (96,000 k Pa), cork will regain 90% of its original size in 24 hours.

The harvest from a young tree yields about 35 lb (16 kg) of cork, while the yield for an older tree may be 500 lb (225 kg).