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In the following century, the Guishuang (Ch: 貴霜) gained prominence over the other Yuezhi tribes, and welded them into a tight confederation under yabgu (Commander) Kujula Kadphises.

According to the Hou Hanshu (compiled by Fan Ye in the fifth century): "the prince (xihou) of Guishuang (Badakhshan and the adjoining territories north of the Oxus), named Kujula Kadphises (Ch: 丘就却, "Qiujiuque") attacked and exterminated the four other princes (xihou).

From the time of Wima Takto, many Kushans started adopting aspects of Indian culture like the other nomadic groups who had invaded India, principally the Royal clans of Gujjars. 90-100 ) may have embraced Saivism, as surmised by coins minted during the period.

Like the Egyptians, they absorbed the strong remnants of the Greek Culture of the Hellenistic Kingdoms, becoming at least partly Hellenized. The Kushan emperors who followed represented a wide variety of faiths including Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and possibly Saivism.

He set himself up as king of a kingdom called Guishuang." He invaded Anxi (Parthia) and took the Gaofu (Kabul) region.

He also defeated the whole of the kingdoms of Puda, and Jibin (Kapisha-Gandhara).

They adapted the Greek alphabet, often corrupted, to suit their own language, using the additional development of the letter Þ "sh," as in "Kushan," and soon began minting coinage on the Greek model.

On their coins they used Greek language legends combined with Pali legends (in the Kharoshthi script), until the first few years of the reign of Kanishka.

The rule of the Kushans linked the seagoing trade of the Indian Ocean with the commerce of the Silk Road through the long-civilized Indus Valley.