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This is not intended to be an exhaustive study of the topic of bridges in the cinema, but it hopefully will serve as a provocation for further exploration, thought, and disagreement.

Except for those natural bridges of fallen trees or a perfect series of stepping-stones in a brook, a bridge is “unnatural” and perhaps hateful in the eyes of the gods.

However, there is a concurrent tradition of the metaphorical “crossing a bridge,” bringing positive or hopeful change into one’s life.

Opposing armies fight a long, deadly battle over a vital bridge in Holland.

Bridge as a Transition to a New Life (Part 2) Bridges have become associated with danger, death, or evil across the history of cinema.

Instead, the passage over a bridge often signifies some kind of —a transition into a new phase of life, connection with a new person, or confrontation with danger or even death.

On a grander scale bridges have been used in films to represent the expansion of empires or conflicts over territory during wartime.

In several films bridges have served as cultural barriers which characters feel incapable of breaking through.