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Death certificates scotland online dating

Changes in family relationships were apparently recorded in the minutes of the monthly district Quaker meetings so the death of his mother and Edward going to live with his uncle should be noted.

Edward may also have had two brothers Richard & James. Familysearch records show a christening record for 21 September 1794. Christening record for Eliza Ann Le Petit, the daughter of Joseph & Sarah Le Petit, for 13 August 1794 at St Dunstan-in-the-West, London, England. Two baptismal records for Darcy Goodall with parents Edward and Eliza Anne. Baptismal record for Helen Goodall on 1 February 1835 in the Parish of Saint Pancras 16. Possible death record for Helen Goodall, age 74, for the March quarter of 1909, Croydon District (volume 2a page 259) Helen does not appear to be on the 1911 census, even with considerable flexibility in spelling of her names. Probate for Edward Angelo Goodall, the estate to his widow, Frances Smith Goodall, to the value of 25,654 pounds 3 shillings 9 pence 20. Marriage record for Edward Angelo Goodall for June quarter 1858, Marylebone district (volume 1a page 838) ALSO The marriage notice was in the London Times on Saturday "On the 26th inst. uk Birth record for Jessie Chittenden Goodall for the March quarter 1863, Pancras District (volume 1b page 6) 27. Death record for Jessie C Stanyon age 81 years in the December quarter 1944, Cheltenham (volume 6a page 439). H J Stanyon travelled from London to Bombay India in 1906.

There is a baptismal record for a Richard Goodall, parents "Samwell" & "Elizth" Goodall, born 15 January 1790, baptised 7 February 1790 at Garforth, Yorkshire. In 1841 Edward and Eliza are at home with 7 of their 10 children at Mornington Grove, St Pancras, with a servant Caroline Moore 21. In 1851 widower and Line Engraver Edward Goodall is living in Grove Cottage, Albert Street, Regents Park with his children Edward Angelo 31, Eliza 23, Emily 22, Helen 16, Louisa 18, Walter 20 and a servant Caroline Riches 22. In 1861 Edward is living at Grove Cottage Pancras with his daughter 'Hellen' and one servant, Caroline Bulbrook 33. The record gives Edward's father as Samuel Goodall and the mother's name is not given. Eliza Ann Le Petit's grandfather brought the art of colour printing from France. There was an obituary in the 17th March 1907 edition for "Mrs. I have had contact from a few people with Le Petit ancestry , two of whom have William Alexander Le Petit (born 1804) who was also an engraver. The marriage record for Edward "Goodell" and Eliza "Le Petit" shows the church or district as St Clement Danes. On ancestry the Baptismal record which has the date of birth and the residence of Great shire Lane. Eliza Ann (nee Le Petit) died of "Abdominal Dropsy of 12 months" duration. On ancestry the two records are scanned copies of the church registers. On the basis of the handwritten baptismal records it seems the correct name should be Darcy. In the introduction to her mother Eliza's family Evelyn states that Ellen (Helen it should be) did not marry. ALSO in London Times Archives notification of the will of Dame Jessie Chittenden Stanyon on . No record of Jessie travelling with him at this time 29. The source of the information for Henry John Stanyon's parents' names and that he was the eldest of 12 children. Obituary for Sir Henry John Stanyon, husband of Jessie Chittenden Goodall, son in law of Edward Angelo & Frances Goodall. D, who for more than half a century played a prominent part in the public life of India as advocate, Judge, Territorial Officer, and legislator." There is mention of Henry's parents, wife and father in law but no other personal detail is given. Birth record for Mary Ethel Goodall for March quarter of 1868, Pancras District (volume 1b page 23) 33. Death record for Mary E Goodall June quarter 1943, Lothingland (volume 4a page 1139). Likely birth record for Alice Goodall registered in the June quarter of 1874 in Pancras district where her siblings were born (volume 1b page 2) 38. Death record for Alice Goodall age 92 for the March quarter 1967, Cheltenham (volume 7b page 309).

In Evelyn's "The Story of My Life 1865 - 1952" she writes "my mother's Aunt Goodall married one of the Holland family of Cheshire and her daughter was my favourite cousin and companion.

She married the Headmaster of Guildford Grammar School, and on his death, a son of Admiral Lower.

In 1861 Alfred (an Accountant) and Mary's family includes Alfred R 14, Mary A E 12, Emily C 11, Fanny E 8, John E 9, Frederick 6 Amy Palmer 4, Helen P 18 months plus a servant.

They are living at 7 Queens Road Villas, St Pancras. Their occupations are recorded as : Alfred - Managing Clerk to Wholesale Stationers, Mary A (E) - Teacher of Singing, Fanny E - Art Student, John E - Architect's Assistant. In 1881 Alfred, Mary Ann & Fanny are living at 7 Findon Road, London.

The addresses he gave for the Royal Academy exhibitions, all of which are in London, were 12 Batholomew Villas, Kentish Town (1887), 26 Howland Street (1880 - 81), 53 Charlotte Street (1889 - 90) and Langham Chambers (1901)" 53. Birth record for John Edward Goodall for the December Quarter 1853, Islington (volume 1b page 213) GRO birth record obtained. There are no obvious death records for John Edward. Record of probate for John Edward Goodall granted on 1 October 1929 to his widow Annie Elizabeth Goodall, the value 282 pound 3s 7d.