Start Defenition of carbon 14 dating

Defenition of carbon 14 dating

But at the moment the industry’s environmental actions fall far short of what is needed, analysts warn.

This wouldn’t be a problem if these facilities – which range from a small room with a few servers to vast 150,000 square metre “farms” – didn’t consume such enormous amounts of energy.

This could be through some kind of tax or charge on data use – for example, imposing a fee for uploading photographs on to Facebook – or even a straightforward rationing of activity; but he acknowledges that these kind of moves would probably be “political suicide”.

Other measures – such as switching from colour to black and white photographs – could also go a long way to reducing data consumption.

And some internet companies – such as Facebook, Google and Apple – are leading efforts to be more environmentally responsible.

The measures being taken include housing data centres in cold climates – which dramatically reduces the energy needed to cool the facilities – with a ready supply of renewable energy.

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