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The Chronicle of Nantes records a donation by "Herispogii" for the soul of "Marmohec coniugis nostr" dated 857 subscribed by "Konani", signing first in the list of subscriptions but without any indication of his relationship to the donor ---.

The Chronicle of Nantes quotes a charter, dated to after 5 Feb 897, under which "Alanus rex, summus Britonnum duxconjugis nostr Ohurguen accommunis prolis" donated property, signed by "Rodaldi, Guerech, Pascultani, Budici".

The charter does not specify the relationship between the donor and the four witnesses.

The most likely explanation therefore is that Alain remarried after the death of his wife Oreguen, had a son by this second marriage, and that his widow married secondly after her first husband died.

It is likely that this situation persisted until the Viking invasion in 919 as no reference has been found to any overall Breton duke during that time in any of the primary sources so far consulted in the preparation of the present document.

"Pacuueten princeps" donated property to the abbey of Redon "post mortem uxoris sue Prostlon" by charter dated 8 Jan 876Her parentage and marriage is confirmed by the Annales Bertiniani which name "Paswithen gener Salamonis" when recording that he negotiated peace with Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks at Compigne in early Aug 867.

He succeeded his brother in [876] as ALAIN I "le Grand" joint Duke of Brittany, ruling jointly with Judical son of Duke Gurwent.

He succeeded his father-in-law in 874 as joint Duke of Brittany, ruling jointly with Gurwent, son-in-law of Erispo.