Start Dylan sprouse dating anyone

Dylan sprouse dating anyone

Levi started his career much like his dad and grandpa: playing music.

I loved him dearly and, before I found out about his other life, I really believed he could be the future father of my children.

But you can’t ‘un-know’ something and once I found out his secret, it drove us apart — it’s very hard to get over the fact that you’ve been lied to, and you become suspicious about everything else.

Sometimes he told me about big achievements — drugs hauls, the uncovering of terrorist cells — but only in the most general of details.

He told stories about the recruitment process, in which he had to walk into an unknown bar and extract the name, passport number and home address from three strangers by any means possible, and a test which involved being kidnapped at random and then interrogated to see how he’d cope with the real thing.

Even though he assured me that spies no longer had to be as secretive, I imagined a future with him that would be filled with lines we couldn’t cross.

And if we were to stay together, my own safety and our future children’s could also be at risk. Whenever a story broke in the press about terrorists being arrested or another international drug ring being smashed, I would wonder if he’d been involved in any way, and then feel afraid.

He was often late for our dates, or cancelled altogether.