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Eco dating agency

What makes us unique and why we can provide the best services is that we are a combination of a dating site, marriage agency and a social networking site. You probably know the stories of fake profiles and sites where many unfair practices take place.

Love knows no territory and does not discriminate against skin color.

As a result, you can meet African singles online and find out if you have the chemistry to date.

Often they have no control over their members and that is because on such sites participants are not checked so that fake profiles can be found there.

In addition, the communication is not being checked which causes that unfair practices occur.

Unfortunately, to get through to the good dating agency, fair website, and honest lady is not always easy; often dating abroad starts with meeting a lot of fraud agencies, websites, and ladies who are standing in the front row to take money from men.

Helping men to avoid that they come into contact with fraud in the market of international dating, is the main reason why I started up my business and my website,, in The Netherlands.

She checks and translates letters; it provides a good and safe communication.