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You will almost always look down on something, as the walls are not only high in themselves but also straddling a hill.

After having been closed to the public for decades, mainly due to them being an ideal vantage point for snipers and the odd stone-throw, the peace process has allowed them to become Derry's most visited attraction.

Surrounding the old (and today slightly cramped) city center of Derry, the city walls are an original and astoundingly complete 17th-century urban fortification with amazing views.

Other GHP initiatives include Green Festivals, which looks to provide support to festival organisers to make their events more sustainable.

Festivals that have participated include Wexford Festival Opera, Galway Arts Festival, Waterford Tall-Ships and the Rose of Tralee.

Her history and the buildings connected to it make it a worthwhile visit from a tourist's point of view, not her sheer opulence.

Being neither downright ugly nor exceptionally beautiful and despite sporting a number of museums, Derry is the sort of town you "use", not "visit".

The Green Business Initiative is an inter-linked suite of projects, specifically aimed at helping enterprises save money and help to reduce their environmental impacts.