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This tendency is, regrettably, not totally unknown in handball.

Referees are rightly criticized when the show the ‘red card’ for something that the TV replays confirm as being much less serious.

And the criticism is also rampant when a player seems to have deserved a penalty-kick but the referee waves ‘play on’.

There has not been a ‘clear and common line’ among the whole group of referees, especially as regards the personal punishments given.

One would have thought that the group of 24 referees who are used in South Africa would be more synchronized, as they have been used over and over in youth World Championships and in other international events in recent years.

Back in the VELUX EHF FINAL4 final in 2016, the Hungarian side were on the road to doing the same, but then the match took a sensational turn.

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There are many who want to describe the football World Cup as the main sports event in the world.

But being certain enough to be ready to punish is a difficult situation for the referee.

I hope our top referees in handball see how damaging such methods can be and therefore feel encouraged to be alert in observing the theater and strong in punishing it. Even the expert commentators seem confused about the rules and do not know how to distinguish between ‘intention’ and ‘advantage’.

- PLAYERS TO LOOK OUT FOR #7: Two are very experienced, one is still young, but Bjarte Myrhol, Julen Aguinagalde and Nicolas Tournat are all line players on the highest international level more... - In this year’s EHF EURO, handball is about more than winning a title.