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El 5 elemento online dating

Here is the same test on php7.1 here; = 770000; //large enough number within memory allocation$arr = range(1,$max,3); $arr2 = range(1,$max,2); $arr = array_merge($arr,$arr2); $time = -microtime(true); $res1 = array_unique($arr); $time = microtime(true); echo "deduped to ".count($res1)." in ".$time; // deduped to 513333 in 1.0876770019531$time = -microtime(true); $res2 = array(); foreach($arr as $key= I created a function for doing array_unique with a custom in_array function.

I had to write a bunch of results to an array with a high probability of duplicates.

Por ejemplo, se podría pensar que en los suelos alcalinos (con p H alto) las plantas mueren o no se desarrollan, por la carencia de hierro.

En realidad, este elemento se encuentra insolubilizado, como mineral que no puede ser absorbido por las raíces.

The array_keys(array_flip()) is the fastest method to remove duplication values from a single dimension array: In reply to performance tests array_unique vs foreach.

In PHP7 there were significant changes to Packed and Immutable arrays resulting in the performance difference to drop considerably.

Because this function preserve keys, I had gaps in my numeric keys.

If you don't want to preserve keys, like me, you can use the following function.

The returned array has a hole in it, and you're not displaying its full content.