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David designed the kichen with its walnut units, granite worktops and copious drawer storage, though Christine had input into the design of the cooking area.

Smoked eucalyptus would be typical of one of those veneers.

It's also very on trend these days to only have below-counter storage with very few wall-mounted units.

The Celtic Tiger was just kicking off when David, who's in his late 30s, joined, and they were run off their feet until it slowed down in 2008, but business has become very busy again in the last few years.

"We have 22 full-time staff now, more than we ever had before, but we learned a lot in those years - for example, the importance of managing growth.

"I got to do placements in Germany and other countries.

A good cabinet maker is worth his weight in gold, but a lot of the work is becoming very IT based and it's important to be very computer literate," David notes.

David and Christine with their two boys Eoghan, (four) and Ben, (16 months), outside their home in the Wexford countryside.