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Ferry sex

While police spoke in initial reports of a “sex crime”, by the afternoon they said there had been a rape.

A woman was raped on Saturday night near the Bergheim Sieg ferry.

Police have been searching for an unknown man aged between 20 and 30, who allegedly carried out the attack.

Both crew members denied any such misconduct, and Lilgert testified that he thought he had made the necessary course correction, a bit later than when he passed Sainty Point because he was maneuvering to avoid another craft. Ferries fired the Queen’s captain, Colin Henthorne.

However, navigational equipment salvaged from the wreck did not support that testimony. Although a series of court actions first reversed his firing and, on appeal, reconfirmed it, Henthorne, who has gone on to serve with the Canadian Coast Guard, believes he and other crew members were treated unfairly by their employer.

It seems to him altogether possible, however (especially given a new and confusing set of instruments and controls that had recently been installed on the bridge) that Lilgert had taken every step but one in a complex series necessary to change course, then became distracted by rough sea, winds and the other craft he was trying to avoid, and did not take the final, implementation step.

In the captain’s account, there was human error involved, but not criminal negligence.

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