Start Formview itemupdating new values

Formview itemupdating new values

The error message implies that I am casting, but I am not formview itemupdating c. Details View Update Event Ar gs) Handles What Else am I missing here. After Properties[ Internal Name ] = 1; (no updates required since you are changing the value before it gets saved) I would verify that your Event Receiver is attached to the list.

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My last question is "How to hide the Formview at the end of the Item Updated event ?

Sql Date Time Null maybe - v l on 02-Apr-06 PM I checked out the link you included.

The page has, among other things, two Form Views and a Grid View control, each with its own Sql Data Source.

Net 2.0 framework, and I have a serious problem with the page I'm currently working on.

I have the base call after by code so i will try moving that to the top to see if that makes a difference – Buzzby Jun 18 10 at Hmm.

Value --------------------- When I tried the following, I get can t assign dbnull to a string Sql Data Source2.

System Update(false) i get the result i wanted which is the value i am changing to be included in the last version.