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Free web cams no singe up

Daughter has a FZ100 which is quite brilliant but lacks a few tools like the LX such as tilt screen.

Since the EVF is OLED, that means it by definition isn't field-sequential, right? I'm sensitive to the rainbow effect of field-sequential displays like previous Panasonic EVFs, so it would be great news to me if this one isn't. Many Panasonic's aren't, such as GX8 and G85 and GH5.

On the other hand lower end cameras like the GX85 and LX100 (both use the same EVF) these are field sequential (and yes I find them unusable and should have been banished a long time ago).

And if it's a true stills camera, then why the fully articulating screen instead of the tilt screen which I find infinitely easier to use except for in video? ufferened a lot od dust ingress & quite a few fault.

Yet I loved it's easy to use controls & general results.

I suppose the GH5 EVF is the same (a bit less magnified), and it's the best EVF I have seen so far.

Of course not field-sequential but very clean and stable.

Some users that tested the camera enjoyed the EVF very much, it may also be a faulty eye problem for the other users. Thanks To all of the brothers and sisters that just can't wrap their heads around a "pro level" M43 sensor and insist that it must be inferior to APSC I have two words for you: Computational Photography.