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Reporter: Noe Zavaleta The Government of Veracruz has identified 17 key persons that operate in the Los Zetas Cartel, of which, the most important is a Plaza Boss who is foreign to Mexico, and whose capture has been categorized as a priority.

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That discovery occurred a few hours after the State Secretary of Public Security, Jaime Tellez Marie, came to the State Congress as part of the gloss of the first Government report of Yunes Linares.

Meanwhile on the 25th of November, in Poza Rica, Police found at least 30 human remains, assassinations allegedly the work of the CJNG.

CJNG gains strength The Veracruz government report also identifies six criminal groups operating in the State: Los Zetas, 35 Z, Sinaloa Cartel, Los Antrax, Grupo Sombra and CJNG, it is the last of these groups that has the major presence and dominates the Plaza.