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In the meantime, while you get the Sun out of your eyes, indulge me for one minute as I share a wee story… We were reflecting on the success of an inspiring project to which we’d both contributed time and effort. It had led to the launch of a ground-breaking crowd-sourced ebook called My #PRstack. What motivates me and others to “give it all away for free”? They’re at the forefront of this new business paradigm, trailblazers if you will. I only asked for 50 words (they’re busy people) and to answer whichever question took their fancy. You should follow them on Twitter (I’m making it easy for you). Some answered all three questions; some, one question; some gave their general thoughts; and some condensed it all into 50 words.

Wearing a bikini at work allows the Baristas to open conversations with customers about body image and self-confidence that would not be possible in other attire.”Another problem with the rules is the trouble enforcing them.

The other defines a new crime of facilitating lewd conduct.

Well those hot gals in bikini won’t go down without a fight because they have decided to sue Everett claiming that the laws violate their rights to express themselves and discriminate against women.

“The lightbulb went off when I realised the blog was a great way to educate, raise awareness about pressing industry topics, and to collaborate with people I couldn’t normally reach.

“The end result was a published manuscript, with the real life examples from communication pros willing to share their journey as well.

“At the time, I was working with FT Press on a book called PR 2.0: New Media New Tools New Audiences.

“I quickly realised that many professionals appreciated my content and rallied around it. “I would ‘listen’ carefully on Twitter through different hashtag conversations and then attacked the critical issues on my PR blog.

“Millions of women fought for our rights and right to vote, and it’s my right to wear what I want. There is nothing unhealthy, obscene, or contrary to the public good in the barista’s garments.”Amen!