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It was 5,500 back in 2009 and the latest figure is 5,600.

J1 is known to be a senior organiser for Somalia’s exciting Islamic terror franchise, al-Shabab, and has links to the Muslim extremists who tried to blow up London on 21 July 2005.

For five years we tried to kick him out, but we have now given up and he is not even under surveillance any more.

They won’t tell him where they’ve come from, no matter how pleasantly he broaches his enquiries. So under the Dublin Convention none of them can be kicked out, and in any case Mr Harrington hasn’t got a clue what country they should be deported to.

The number of bogus asylum seekers we manage to get rid of has halved over the past five years.

But that’s just the arrivals who have as yet committed no crime other than to come here illegally.

Once they’ve committed a crime, and preferably a very serious crime, it doesn’t matter how much money the taxpayer spends on the merry-go-rounds of the immigration courts, they ain’t going nowhere. Baghdad is a convicted al-Qaeda terrorist, with links to the maniacs who blew up Paris quite recently.

Many of the most popular products have three prongs surrounding the bearing that, while spinning, makes for an entrancing sight.

Other popular versions of the product include ones shaped like snowflakes, throwing stars, the Batman symbol and a rainbow pattern.

But at least we know that CS is a Moroccan woman and the daughter-in-law of the hook-handed madman Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri, now serving a life sentence in the USA for terrorism-related offences. Shabir Ahmed, aged 63, is serving a 22-year sentence for having been the ringleader of a gang of Pakistani paedophiles in Rochdale.

It’s the European Courts of Justice blocking her deportation, because she is the sole carer of her son in this country (yep, and you are of course the sole breadwinner for the both of them, incidentally). Ahmed is petitioning the European Court of Human Rights to prevent his deportation.

But we’ve messed up his papers, so he’s staying put. So in desperation we’re spending £25 million on building them a nice prison there, maybe with views over Montego Bay. They act first and ask questions later, without giving the villains a chance of appeal.