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Good morning america internet dating

Eventually on Skype, Billy revealed that he was deaf and an amputee, something he didn’t want to let her know right away.

Arendas would message Avsec, he would reply three months later, then she would reply five weeks later, and so on and so on.

They carried on this intermittent texting, using jokey excuses like, “Sorry for the late reply, I was in the shower.” Once Tinder caught wind of their three-year online fauxmance, the pressure was on. When asked why they never wanted to meet, especially since they went to the same school, Arendas said: “I was committed to my joke…I loved the fact that we had a similar sense of humor, so I was not gonna be the one that gave in and gave up that great joke we had.” A

Their first meeting, hug and in-person conversation occurred before a nationally televised audience.