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How to cope with dating a workaholic

Finally, if you have a partner who is a workaholic and can't "turn off" their professional life, know that you can't change them. The best you can do is let them know that it's affecting you, the relationship,= and that you want to help.

We spent some of our days finding a hotspot for Jim's computer so he could catch up on emails, while the kids and I went off to Butterfly World or Parrot Jungle.

It's that they've gotten stuck in a rut, or believe it's a financial necessity to work more, or are "addicted" to the excitement and stress of the work.

(In the last case, spouses might need the help of an outsider, such as a therapist, to help them sort out these workaholism issues.) Stop blaming yourself. cheating, gambling), your partner's actions have more to do with their own issues than with you personally.

But ask them if at least one night during the week, and one day during the weekend, you can spend time together. This often helps them relax and turn their attentions elsewhere.