Start Hu ge and ariel lin dating

Hu ge and ariel lin dating

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I believe he can walk further and wish him good luck.

He does not look like a newcomer and feels pressurised when facing me as he is unsure if I am hard to get along." Siu Hin feels happy and shocked to receive compliments from Carina and needs to prepare himself before filming bed scenes with her.

Nevertheless, some think the series has too much of an “idol drama” flavor and that its grasp on history is a bit shaky.

Viewers are also conflicted on the long-haired appearance of Feng Shaofeng as the titular prince, who was said to be so beautiful that he had to wear a mask when fighting in battles. Legend of Lu Zhen Jayne Stars Media LLC reserves all copyrights.

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In the last week of September, during which CTV aired the finale of Prince of Lan Ling, the drama jumped to second place in the weekday evening ratings.

In the six weeks since Prince of Lan Ling began airing on Taiwan’s China TV, the drama has attained an average 3.03 rating – a respectable number but perpetually ranked behind Formosa TV’s Feng Shui Family adaptation and setting a new record for period dramas during the 8 p.m. Prince of Lan Ling’s high ratings is undoubtedly due to its high-profile cast, but can also be attributed to its beautiful settings and costumes.

This latest sighting adds more fuel to the dating fire but if they are dating I’m all for going public since C-netizens are fairly accepting of dating.

, which stars mainland Chinese actor William Feng (馮紹峰), Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin (林依晨), and Hong Kong actor Daniel Chan (陳曉東), has achieved admirable ratings during its run in both mainland China and Taiwan.

When they were promoting and afterwards going to awards shows there were plenty of together moments, and they even shared online many cute pictures that whetted the appetites of Dot S lover and shippers alike.