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Jakob philipp hackert online dating

The Customs House Naples By Moonlight With Dancers And Musicians By A Fire View of the Gulf of Baja The large waterfalls in Tivoli Autumn: Vineyard in Sorrento Italian Landscape Coastline Landscape with temple ruins on Sicily Sinking of the Turkish fleet Villa of Maecenas with the Waterfalls in Tivoli Berlin, The tents in the Tiergarten Jacob Philipp Hackert (15 September 1737 – 28 April 1807) was a landscape painter from Brandenburg, who did most of his work in Italy.

Further right is the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

He trained with his father Philipp (a portraitist and painter of animals) and his uncle, before going to the Akademie der Künste in Berlin in 1758.

Later he traveled to Swedish Pomerania and Stockholm, where he painted murals.

in colour; 336, no.73 Naples, the third most populous city in Europe after London and Paris, was an essential stop on the eighteenth century Grand Tour.