Start Jewish son dating catholic

Jewish son dating catholic

” But my opposition stopped once each child declared his or her intention to marry.

Later, I remembered my husband’s Jewish grandmother. In his Irish-Catholic world, his wanting to teach school wasn’t considered manly.

When she married out in 1899, her family declared her dead and recited Kaddish (a prayer extolling God that is said by mourners). Because teaching children was an acceptable profession for a Jewish male, he had felt more comfortable dating Jews.

The dating of the Council of Jerusalem is usually given as 49 or 50 AD.

St Peter left Rome in 43 AD with St Mark after Peter was accused of anti-Roman speech.

She had grasped my hands and whispered in amazement, “You’re Jewish? When our oldest son and his fiancee were planning their wedding, they talked with our rabbi.

He agreed to participate in their marriage ceremony along with the bride’s uncle, a Catholic priest.

Yet, each of our children, two boys and a girl, had married “out.” Was it our fault, because both my husband–a Jew-by-choice–and I are products of three generations of interfaith marriages?