Start John deere serial dating

John deere serial dating

The prefix was followed by the Series Production Code and the Chassis Production Code.

There are numerous parts to a Deere backhoe, and many of the individual components and parts on the unit will have labeled serial numbers of their own.

To avoid confusion between serial numbers of parts and serial number or identification number of the entire unit, Deere places the master identification number for all tractor products in a consistent, easily accessible location.

Following the Series and Production Codes, a letter “T” indicated “Basic Tractor”.

The remaining digits represented the numbered order of production of the unit which can be used to determine the year of production.

The last letter “R” represented the Deere Waterloo Tractor Works.

See the example at the end of the page for the 4020’s starting production in 1965.

From 1965 on, the sequence started with the letter used as a prefix of “T” which, again indicated “basic tractor”.